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5 Surprising uses of Hand Sanitizer


Hand Sanitizers have been such a life saver in recent times. With the increasing germs and bacteria, a good sanitizer is the strongest weapon against woes. If you think that your hand sanitizer does just one simple job, then we are here to burst your bubble.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of Hand Sanitizers: 

  • Fights Pimples

    Fights Pimples
    Credit: wwmindia

    There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than having to deal with a stubborn pimple. Pimples are a result of bacteria build up. Applying a little bit of sanitizer on your pimple can help drive the pimple away ASAP. Do this two to three times a day.

  • Prevents Nail Paint Stains

    While applying nail polish, no matter how precise you try to be. You end up getting the skin around your hand stained. Take an Ear bud, dip it in the sanitizer and gently apply it on the skin around your nail. This will help prevent the nail polish from sticking to your skin.

  • Clear Mobile Screens

    Keeping your phone screen clean is extremely important. If you thought that there wasn’t a way to keep your phone externally clean, then you are wrong. Add a few drops of your sanitizer to your phone and gently clean it using a cloth. And Voila! You are left with a super clean phone.

  • Glass Cleaner

    For people who wear glasses, they know what a menace cleaning your glasses can be. If you don’t have your glass cleaning solution at your disposal, then you could use your hand sanitizer.

  • Treats Mosquito bites and disinfects wounds

    Hand Sanitizer
    Credit: naturallivingideas

    Mosquito bites can leave a sense of itchiness and uneasiness. A good sanitizer can help treat the mosquito bite and ease the itchiness. It also helps disinfect minor wounds.