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8 ways to avoid the nightmare called Kidney stones


Kidney stones can turn out to be a person’s worst nightmare. Kidney stones put you through excruciating pain and that is something no one wants to experience.

Kidney stone is a hard deposit that is developed from crystals that separate from the urine within the urinary tract. Kidney stones are often small in size but can cause hell lot of pain and once developed, it can be difficult to get rid of it. Kidney stones are caused due to various reasons. However, as long as preventive measures are taken kidney stones can be avoided. Here are few preventive measures that you can take to avoid kidney stones.

  • Sweating
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    Sweating helps you get rid of toxins in the body. Saunas, steam bath, heavy exercising and hot yoga helps you sweat; here the body will demand more hydration which helps in keeping the kidney flushed. The next time you indulge in such activities make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Keep in mind that if you participate in such activities without proper hydration then it can also lead to kidney stones.

  • Drink water
    Drink water
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    Drinking water is the best way to prevent kidney stones. Drinking around 7-8 glasses a day will help keep kidney stones at bay. The color of your urine can help you determine if you are hydrated or de hydrated. Your urine should be clear or pale yellow. If your urine is dark, then it is a sign of dehydration and you need to increase your water intake.

  • Try home remedies
    Try home remedies
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    You can try various other home remedies to avoid kidney stones. Juices help in eliminating kidney stones. Lemon juice, basil juice, celery juice, Pomegranate juice and wheat-grass juice are few of the juices that help in preventing kidney stones and provide other health benefits as well.

  • Reduce animal Protein
    Reduce animal Protein
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    Excessive animal protein can lead to kidney stones. Consuming red meat like beef, chicken, mutton and poultry items can increase the level of uric acid, which further leads to kidney stones. Make sure you limit your meat intake in order to avoid kidney stones.

  • Avoid Vitamin C tablets
    Avoid Vitamin C tablets
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    According to studies, consumption of vitamin C supplements can lead to kidney stones, especially in men. Make sure you consult the doctor before consuming Vitamin C tablets and make sure you do not consume more than what is required. However, Consuming foods which contain vitamin c will not lead to kidney stones.

  • Reduce sugar intake
    Reduce sugar intake
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    Increased sugar intake will not only lead to diabetes but can also lead to kidney stones. The consumption of unhealthy sugar is one of the major reasons behind kidney stones. May sure your sweet tooth is under control.

  • Consult the doctor
    Consult the doctor
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    If you feel uneasy or if you face the symptoms of kidney stones, consult your doctor immediately. Symptoms of kidney stones include nauseas, vomiting, difficulty in bowel movements, pain while urinating and blood in urine are few of the symptoms. Do not take these symptoms lightly, if ignored one will have to pay a heavy price for it.