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Overcome PCOS with a healthy diet


According to studies, one out of three women suffer from PCOS. While, the statics are really depressing what is more depressing is the fact that most women don’t even know that they are suffering from PCOS, until diagnosed.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder. PCOS is nothing but overproduction of hormones called androgens, which cause cysts in the ovaries of women thereby leading to infertility. It also causes excessive facial hair, acne and increases risk to various other diseases.

How can a healthy diet help you overcome PCOS?

One of the major causes of PCOS in women is said to be Obesity. Just by following a healthy diet one can fight and overcome PCOS.

Here are a few ways in which you can fight PCOS through your diet :-

  • Increase Protein Intake
    Increase Protein Intake

    Protein plays a crucial role in one’s diet. There is a reason why fitness enthusiast or rather health freaks are obsessed with Protein. Foods that are high in protein tend to be extremely satiating, which reduces appetite greatly thereby contributing to weight loss. High protein foods include Chicken, Fish, Eggs and Paneer.

  • Reduce Carb intake
    Reduce Carb intake
    Reduce Carb intake

    The higher the carb intake, the more the menace. Carbs and Fat are the root cause of excessive weight and obesity. While reducing carb intake, make sure you do not shut it down completing because your body would require carbs ( a reduced intake ) to fight weight loss. The regular carb intake would be 100-140 gms per day, the intake will differ depending upon your weight, age and other factors that play an essential role.Make sure you consult your doctor or dietitian with respect to what your carb intake should be.

  • Consume High Fiber Foods
    High Fiber Foods
    Consume High Fiber Foods

    We’ve all heard how healthy fruits and vegetables are, but ever wondered what makes them so healthy. Well, it is Fiber. Women suffering from PCOS tend to suffer from insulin issues which can be solved through a high fiber diet.High Fiber foods include green leafy vegetables, fruits, baked beans and oatmeals.

  • Bid adios to Processed Food
    adios to Processed Food
    Bid adios to Processed Food

    While your favorite foods might be processed foods, the ugly truth is that nothing good comes out of it. If anything, it leads to obesity and worsens your health. Bidding adios to processed foods will not only help prevent unwanted weight gain but it will also help you embrace a healthy lifestyle.

  • Always staying Hydrated
    Always staying Hydrated

    Staying hydrated is important for everyone, especially for the ones suffering from PCOS. Women suffering from PCOS feel that they get bloated up easily, this problem could be easily tackled by staying hydrated. So, make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Plus, increasing water intake helps boost metabolism, which aids weight loss greatly.


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