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How to reverse Hair Loss

Hair loss

Hair loss can be heartbreaking and heart wrenching. Your hair is like a glorious crown and every time you see a brush full of hair strands you feel a bit dethroned. Sadly, hair loss problems have become a common problem in males as well as females. Treating hair loss at the earliest is a must if you don’t want to end up bald.

Poor lifestyle choices, stress, hormonal changes, genetics, wrong hair care products, excessive use of heat tools, etc can damage your hair.

Here are a ways in which you can reverse hair loss :-

  • Oil your hair

    Oiling moisturizes and hydrates your hair and helps keep the scalp healthy, thereby fighting hair problems. Oils like Almond oil, Argan oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil can work wonders. For added benefits add a few drops of essential oils like Rosemary, Tea tree oil or peppermint oil.

  • Massage your scalp

    Massaging your scalp in circular motion helps in improving blood circulation to your scalp which encourages hair growth. Massage your scalp for at least 5-10 minutes daily or every alternate day. Going for hot oil hair massages once in 15 days or once a month can also work wonders.

  • Increase Biotin Intake

    Biotin deficiency leads to hair problems. Consume foods like eggs, banana, nuts, beans and fish which are high in biotin. You can also opt for Biotin supplements, mineral, vitamin and iron supplements.

  • Use the right hair care products

    Hair care products play a make or break role when it comes to your hair. You will do wonders to your hair if you use the right hair care products whereas using wrong hair care products can be nothing less than a disaster.

    Use hair care products that suit your hair type and cater to your hair concern.

  • Hair Loss
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  • Protect your hair

    Every time you step out of the house, factors like excessive sun exposure, dirt, dust and pollution can damage your hair and can invite unwanted hair problems. It is important to protect your hair at all times. Cover your hair with a hat, scarf or even an umbrella.

  • Exfoliate your scalp

    Exfoliating your scalp is a lesser known skin care secret. It helps you get rid of dead skin on the scalp that can clog pores thereby damaging your hair. Exfoliate your scalp once an in 15 days or 1 month.

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