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5 times drinking water did more harm than good


All we have ever heard of is the endless advantages of drinking water, the more you drink the better, but did you know that sometimes by drinking water you are actually doing yourself more harm than good.

If you want to reap the maximum benefits of water then make sure you do not commit the following 5 crimes

Here are 5 times drinking water did more harm than good :-

  • Standing and drinking water
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    According to studies, when you stand and drink water, the water flows down in your body with pressure which does not allow the water to filter properly, which affects your digestive tract, lower stomach and organs surrounding it.

    SOLUTION :- Have a seat while drinking water. Do not lie-down or stand while drinking water.

  • Drinking water from a plastic bottle
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    Almost every second person is guilty of this crime, plastic bottles are only meant for one time use. The exposure to heat and air can contaminate the bottle that can emit harmful chemicals that can further affect the quality of water.

    SOLUTION :- Make sure you invest in a good water bottle and do rinse the bottle as often as possible.

  • Drinking water that is not stored well
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    Water has no shelf life, a person can drink the water in the well for as long as they live. However, water storage plays an important role in determining the quality of water.

    It is important to store your water correctly, If you are going to store your bottle in the car or in your bag for days, then the quality of water is bound to go down.

    SOLUTION:- Make sure you drink and store fresh water daily.

  • Drinking too much water
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    The amount of water that you should consume should go hand in hand with the capacity of your kidneys and bladder. If you drink more water than you should, then you are putting excessive and unwanted pressure on your kidney and bladder which can actually be harmful.

    SOLUTION:- Consult your doctor to know how much water you should drink on a daily basis.

  • Drinking unfiltered water.
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    It is important to ensure that the water that you are drinking is of good quality and filtered. Poor quality of water can carry harmful bacteria, germs and virus and therefore it is important to avoid drinking water in public places.

    SOLUTION:- Carry a bottle of water from home.