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How to eliminate Infertility from your life


Infertility is a growing problem in the world and coping or rather dealing with infertility can be difficult. Wanting to have children is a natural feeling which most couples experience Children are considered as the biggest blessing for a couple and not being able to have kids can be traumatic for a couple. It is important for the couple to understand each other in such a phase and be each other’s support system rather than playing the blame game.

What is Infertility?

Infertility refers to not being able to conceive a child in spite of having unprotected intercourse. It can either be the male or the female partner who is infertile due to which the couple cannot conceive. In some cases both the partners are infertile and cannot conceive.

What are the causes of Infertility?

There are various causes as to why a male or female might be infertile. The causes of infertility in male and female are different. When it comes to female factors like age, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, eating disorders, STDS and ovulation disorders cause infertility in women. In case of men, erectile dysfunction, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, premature ejaculation and STDS cause infertility. Besides physical issues, mental stress can also lead to infertility.

What are the symptoms of Infertility?

If you are a victim of infertility then your body has its own way of showing symptoms of infertility. When it comes to women, the menstrual cycle plays a important role, abnormal periods, irregular periods, no periods and painful periods are symptoms of infertility. The symptoms of infertility in males are not quite prominent and therefore can only be detected to medical tests. But few factors like problems with erections, ejaculations and pain or swelling in testicles often relate to symptoms of Infertility.

How to deal with Infertility?

The first and most important step to do is to consult a doctor. The doctor will help you diagnose what the problems is and will help you deal with infertility. Different medical tests help determine the cause of infertility. Besides conducting a normal physical tests, the doctors conducts tests like blood test, Semen analysis, Blood test, Ultrasound test and Chlamydia test on males and in case of females blood tests, Hysterosalpingography test, Laparoscopy test and Ovarian reserve testing are few of the tests that doctors conduct. The good news is Infertility can be curable as long as you resort to effective measures and treatments.

How to avoid infertility?

By now we have established the fact that genetic factors and way of living or lifestyle can lead to infertility. In case of genetic factors or physical shortcomings there is nothing much that you can do but you can surely make a change in your lifestyle. Here are few ways to treat infertility :-

  • Weight management
    Weight management
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    “Extremely underweight people and obese people suffer infertility. Make sure your weight is under control, not too much not too little.”

  • Take care of your sperm
    Take care of your sperm
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    “Genitals require be under certain temperature. Incorrect clothing or tight clothing can affect the sperm. Avoid wearing light clothing and try to go commando during the night.”

  • No to Smoking
    No to Smoking
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    “Smoking has always been injurious to health and can also lead to infertility. It affects the receptiveness of the uterus towards the egg in case of women and reduces sperm production in case of men.”

  • Avoid alcohol
    Avoid alcohol
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    “Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to infertility in case of male as well as female. No just alcohol but excessive consumption of caffeine can also affect fertility.”