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How to increase your confidence


A confident person executes a different aura all together. The minute they enter the room, heads turn and surprisingly they do it effortlessly. While some are born with it, the good news is confidence is a quality that can be developed as long as you follow the following steps.

  • Accept yourself
    Accept yourself
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    Accepting yourself is the first step towards increasing your confidence. It is important for you to understand that you have flaws and you need to embrace those flaws. Remember, even the moon has dark spots, but still spreads its light.

  • Stay positive
    Stay positive
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    Positive people are always confident. Think positive. Read a good book which teaches you positivist or you can also hear a motivational talk on positivist.

  • Dress well
    Dress well
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    Dressing is an art. It reflects your personality. Dressing well doesn’t mean you own the best of brands or the most expensive clothes, it refers to dressing neatly. Notice how your mood changes the minute you put on an outfit you like, that’s why it is important to dress well at all times.

  • Know your strengths
    Know your strengths
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    Most of the times people tend to focus on their weakness rather than focusing on their strengths. People are fast to point out your mistakes and weakness, but nobody talks about strengths. It is for you know and realize what your strengths truly are.

  • Surround yourself with positive people
    Surround yourself with positive people
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    It is important to surround yourself with positive people. Surround yourself with people who lift you up when you fall rather than having people who will enjoy your downfall. Such people will have a positive impact in your life and make you feel more confident.

  • Yoga
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    Yoga or other meditation techniques are great. It has a calming and relaxing effect on your mind. It also helps you get rid of nervousness, tension, stress, anxiety and depression which helps you exhibit confidence.

  • Do something that scares you
    Do something that scares you
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    Of course, staying in your comfort zone is easy and there is nothing like it, but you need to explore the world if you want to grow. Try something that scares you, something that intimidates you and watch how it affects your confidence. You will feel more confident than before.

  • Get rid of negative thoughts
    Get rid of negative thoughts
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    Negative thoughts are poison to your confidence. Get rid of all the negative thoughts that you have. They act as a barrier between you and your confidence.

  • Inculcate Gratitude
    Inculcate Gratitude
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    Gratitude refers to being grateful for what you have. It is important to understand that there are people who are more fortunate than you and then there are people who are less fortunate. You need to be grateful for whatever you have. This will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, thereby increasing your confidence.

  • Absorb wisdom, Ignore Judgments
    Absorb wisdom, Ignore Judgments
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    There is a huge difference between wisdom and judgment. Make sure you take the wisdom and ignore the judgments. People will tell you what to do and what not to, but the decision lies in your hands completely. Confident people don’t let judgments affect them.