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Why do we need to stop looking down on Sex


We all know that sex is a need and at some point or the other it leaves every person wanting for it. Sadly, in the society that we live, sex is something that we look down upon and I don’t know what has caused this mentally but it needs to be changed. Looking down on sex under the pretext of avoiding premarital sex needs to be changed. Isn’t sex the entire point of survival, without it wouldn’t earth just be another extinct planet in the universe with no human existence. It is the very reason for our existence, how else will you take your family’s name ahead.

Sex Education
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Sex is not just about lust, it is about Love. It is a way in which two people embrace each other. It is the glue that binds two people together. Having intercourse before marriage or after marriage is everyone couples individual choice and it is not something we should judge.

Sex Education
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Sex education should be made compulsory and no, we are not promoting premarital sex. What we are saying is that we should not look down upon sex or shun it as a taboo just to avoid premarital sex. The way we look at Sex needs to change. We need to see it as a way a man and woman embrace other and take their respective legacy forward. It is the most beautiful way of displaying your affection.

Sex Education
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