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PM Modi: Corruption-free and a citizen-friendly system is our priority


Honorable PM Modi said today “Corruption-free and a citizen-friendly system” is the priority of present government. He is committed to provide a valuable developed system to his nation without corruption. He said that ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’ was a step towards the development of the poor citizens. The ‘Jan Dhan Yojna’ System helped the poor citizens own a bank account without any problem. On the other hand, the LED bulb scheme was helping poor and middle class families to save more money and reduce the burden on their shoulders.

Today in New Delhi PM Modi spoke to The Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on the theme, ‘The Irreversible Rise of India’ and said, “These points may or may not be noticed, but I am always working on these valuable points for our poor citizens, I cannot sleep without it.” I always try to create some schemes that can help our nation in the future. He said, our government is developing a new work culture in bureaucracy and making it responsive and more transparent.

PM Modi speaking about the GST (Good and Service Tax) said that the tax reform world provide a new level of transparency in the system. Aadhaar is the best weapon against in-legal properties and many more.

PM Modi said that “I know I have to pay political prices for this, No issue I am ready for it and I am always fitting against corruption anyhow for my country.”