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Reasons that will make you quit smoking


Smoking is one of the worst habits that one can have, and nothing good ever comes from it. Like, I cannot even give you one benefit of smoking and that is how bad smoking is and I’m sure if you are a smoker. You must have heard all about how bad smoking is from your near and dear ones, but in spite of knowing the disadvantages why does one still let this menace reside in their life.

Here is a list of reasons why you should quit smoking:-

  • Lead a longer life
    Lead a longer life
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    Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die and every time you smoke you dig your grave deeper. Smoking damages your body in every way and the only way to do some damage control is by stopping it completely.

  • Affects the ones around you
    Affects the ones around you
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    Smoking might be your personal choice, but it affects the ones around you. Every time you smoke it not only increases pollution, but also affects the health of the people around you. Every time you let smoke in the air, you make somebody else a passive smoker. Passive smokers are smokers who inhale smoke on a secondary basis. Passive smokers are at an equal risk as Active smokers.

  • Early signs of aging
    Early signs of aging
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    Smokers are bound to face early signs of aging. Smoking affects the blood vessels and damages skin tissues. It not just increases the chances of the early signs of aging, but makes aging worse.

  • Leads to Impotency
    Leads to Impotency
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    Well, this one disadvantage will definitely make you quit smoking unless you would like to have the tag of being an impotent. Smoking damages arteries, which damages your blood vessels, thereby resulting in poor blood circulation, which results in erectile dysfunction and poor sex life.

  • Lack of stamina
    Lack of stamina
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    The stamina of smoking tends to be comparatively less compared to nonsmokers. This also affects the range of motion, reduces bone density and weakens joints. Athletes, dancers and people who part take in physical activities where stamina has a major role to play must quit smoking.

  • Wastage of money
    Wastage of money
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    If you always find yourself broke, then you might want to have a check on how much money you are spending on your cigarettes. You would be doing yourself and your wallet a huge favor if you just stopped spending all of your valuable money on smoking. If you are fortunate enough to be wealthy, then also spending money on smoking is nothing but wastage of money.