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Sexual fantasies that every couple needs to try


It goes without saying that every couple has sex and doing the same thing repeatedly can get monotonous and no, that doesn’t mean that your relationship is dying, it just means that you need to spice up your sex life.

Sexual fantasies are one of the best ways to keep your sexual life and relationship alive. Men as well as women have sexual fantasies. The wilder the fantasies the better. Sometimes partners refrain from discussing their sexual fantasies, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Doing things together and exploring things is what defines a relationship.

Here is a list of sexual fantasies that every couple needs to try :-

  • BDSM
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    “One of the most talked about topics. BDSM was popular even before the not so famous 50 shades of Grey. You don’t need to go all wild but you are can surely try out the basis. You can swap the role accordingly, depending on your mood.”

  • Strangers for a Night
    Strangers for a night
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    “Playing strangers for a night, trying to woo each other is one of the best things. Couples often tend to take each other for granted unknowingly and they don’t need to woo each because they know that they are already attracted to each other. But trying to woo your partner all over again can be quiet existing.”

  • Role Play
    Role play
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    “Every person finds a particular profession or character attractive. Doctor- Nurse, Hunter- Animal, Student- teacher, etc are among the famous fantasies. Certain partners find role play also quite exciting. It helps you see the wild side of the other person.”

  • Explore Places
    Explore places
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    “New places can be exciting like a get away to a new places, preferably a romantic location. When it comes to location, according to studies sea areas or places with water are more likely to trigger your romantic side, this is because of the sense of peace and serenity that it gives. Book a nice weekend getaway with your partner and watch the magic unfold.”

  • New Styles
    New Styles
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    “Kamasutra was written for a reason and, whiles the rebellious kids that we all are. It is high time we make use of this book. The internet is also filled with new and amazing ideas to help you out.”