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Things every women needs to know before her first night


Every time we do things that we haven’t done before, we feel nervous, tensed and a bit excited at the same time. Every person imagines about their first night, they want it to be special and don’t want things to go wrong and want everything to be perfect to the T. It happens to be the most anticipated moments of a women’s life.

Intercourse is one the most beautiful moments of the relationship. Your first night with your man is extremely special.

Here are a few tips that you need to know and keep in mind :

  • Wax it off
    Wax it off
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    Get yourself a full body wax before your special night and that includes a bikini wax. You must be putting it off all these years, but you must do it before your first night. Do it one or two days prior your first night. Waxing makes your skin smoother and helps you get rid of dead skin. Plus, a waxed body is a nothing than a turn on.

  • Wear Lingerie
    Wear Lingerie
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    Men love it when you dress up for them. It makes them feel special. Wearing a good lingerie on your special night can take you a long way. Lingerie is said to make women feel good and boosts their confidence and it undoubtedly turns on your man.According to studies, men tend to find women in red really attractive; crimson red is the perfect shade you don’t want to blind your man. If your man doesn’t like red you can wear his favorite color.

  • Smell good
    Smell good
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    Do not underestimate the power of aroma. The right fragrance can turn on your man instantly. A woman who smells good is instantly desirable. The scent of vanilla, lily and lavender can turn on your man.But do not over do it with the scent. Just spray it on your neck, under arms, pulse and on your inner thighs. Applying white petroleum jelly before spraying the scent, can help the scent last longer.Make sure you chew breath mints as well before getting intimate with your partner.

  • Smart things slow
    Smart things slow
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    Intimacy is about embracing the other person. Go with the flow. Work your way through it and work your way up. Do not just jump into things. Take one moment at a time.

  • Confidence
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    Be confident. Nothing is more attractive, than a confident woman. You will obviously be a bit nervous but that’s normal since it is your first time but make sure you do not let it over power your confidence as it might make you come across as boring or least interested.

  • You might experience pain
    You might experience pain
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    Since it is your first time, it might be painful and you might bleed a little but that doesn’t mean you have to carry this agony for the rest of your life. The pain will fade away. So if it hurts a little or if you happen to bleed, do not freak out and put a full stop to it as it can freak your man.

  • Say something nice
    Say something nice
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    Mostly, it is the job of the man to shower his women with compliments, but sometimes it is good to turn the tables sometimes. It makes the man feel special and can really work wonders.