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How can women increase fertility


If you want to get pregnant, then it is important to be as fertile as possible. The more fertile you are, the more easily you can get pregnant, if in spite of having unprotected intercourse you aren’t able to conceive then that means that you are not as fertile as you should be. The female partner as well as the male partner both need to be equally fertile, if they want to have children. Let us understand how can women increase their fertility.

Here are a few ways in which women can increase their fertility :-

  • Maintain a Healthy Weight
    Healthy Weight
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    Too much or too little of anything can be dangerous and this theory fits perfectly. Underweight women and overweight or obese women tend to be infertile, and therefore it is important to have a healthy weight that is in accordance with your BMI.

  • Stay Fit
    Stay Fit
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    It is important to stay fit at all times. However, it is also important to stick to moderate to regular exercises because vigorous exercises reduce progesterone levels, which plays an important role in the ovulation process.

    Regular exercises like walking, jogging and skipping are more than enough. If you don’t want to stop your vigorous workouts, then at least try and reduce it.

  • Healthy Diet
    Healthy Diet
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    We often tend to take our diet for granted, which has a negative impact on our health. Women tend to be more prone to illness and therefore they need to go an extra mile to take care of their health.

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    In order to increase fertility, women need to consume more of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat and healthy fats. Make sure you avoid the consumption of processed food, junk food, aerated drinks, alcohol and caffeine drinks.

  • Reduce Stress
    Reduce Stress
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    Not being able to conceive can be very stressful, but it is important to understand that stress is nothing but a huge disadvantage in bed. The stress hormones tend to overpower sexual hormones which have a negative impact in bed, especially if you plan on getting pregnant.

    Meditation, Yoga and massages are few ways in which you can relieve and reduce stress.

  • Take care of your intimate areas
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    It is important for women to take care of their intimate area, a lot of times ignorance towards intimate areas can lead to infertility. Here are a few ways in which women can take care of their intimate areas

    1. Avoid High temperatures in intimate areas
      It is important to keep your intimate areas cool at all times. Women must wear undergarments that are of breathable fabric. Avoid wearing underwear when you can, this helps your intimate areas breathe and also helps them stay cool.
    2. Avoid Radiation
      Every gadget that you use emits radiation and excessive radiation exposure to intimate areas can affect fertility. Keeping your phone in your pant pocket and working with a laptop on your lap can be dangerous. Make sure you avoid such habits at all times.
    3. Maintain Hygiene
      Lack of hygiene in intimate areas can lead to infections and sexually transmitted diseases and therefore make sure you do not ignore the hygiene aspect of your intimate areas.