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Here’s why you should never tell a person to “Stop crying.”


Crying is an emotion just like any other human emotion. There are happy tears and then there are tears of sorrow. When we see a person crying, irrespective of the fact that they are happy tears or sad tears, we tell them to stop Weeping. We do this because we believe that the person is in pain and nobody likes to see someone in pain. However, If you ever see a person crying you must console that person, but never say the words “stop crying” or “don’t cry.”

Here’s why you should let a person cry:

  • It makes them feel better

    feel better
    It makes them feel better

    When a person is crying it is a result of an outburst of emotions that the person has bottled up for a really long time. If a person is crying that means they are releasing their stress, fear, tension, frustration and anxiety, all of which, if bottled up can lead to chronic stress and depression. Weeping helps a person release their emotions and cleanses their system, which in turn makes them feel better.

  • Crying Improves mental health

    Improves mental health

    People who vent out their emotions tend to have better mental health than people who do not cry. People who avoid Weeping end up bottling things up. This further results in mental health issues like depression, stress and anxiety, all of which could have been avoided.

  • Improves human bonding

    Human bonding
    Improves human bonding

    When you cry, especially when you cry around your loved ones. Your communication and bond with that person tends to increase. You confide in that person, while that person consoles you. Sometimes what words cannot say, emotions can emote.

  • Cleans your eyes

    Cleans your eyes
    Cleans your eyes

    Crying does not have just mental benefits, but has physical benefits as well. Eyes tend to get dehydrated, not to mention a lot of dust and dirt tends to sit on the eyes. Weeping helps water surface on the eyes, which helps get rid of the dust and dirt, which clears and improves vision. Tears are also said to have strong antimicrobial powers which help kill bacteria.

  • Helps you overcome grief

    Overcome grief
    Helps you overcome grief

    Dealing with grief, any sort of grief is never easy. Losing a loved one is never easy and no matter how hard you try, the vacuum is always there. Weeping helps reduce grief or at least helps you cope with it.

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