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5 Period Hacks that make life easier during periods


Periods is a constant monthly visitor in every girl’s life. As much as we dread periods, it is a blessing in disguise. Every time a girl gets her periods, it is a sign that she is healthy and fit. It is your body’s natural way of cleansing and getting rid of all the toxins that can harm your body. However, as much as healthy having your periods can be, it can be an equal menace. During Periods, having periods cramps and pain is normal. Here are a few period hacks that make life easier during periods

  • Make Water your BFF

    water in periods
    Make Water your BFF

    Water is considered a Life Saver and the term couldn’t be more apt when you are on your periods. Consuming water, especially warm water during periods can help ease period pain. So, make sure you keep yourself hydrated during your periods.

  • Spa sessions to the Periods Rescue

    If you are planning to book yourself a Spa Session, then the best time to do it is when you are on your periods. Most women tend to experience uneasiness and body cramps during their periods. A spa session helps increase blood circulation in the body which helps relieve periods cramp and tension. It also helps reduce period stress and anxiety that tends to tag along with periods.

  • Change your diet

    When you are sick, you shift to a sick person’s diet. Similarly, when you are on your periods you need to move to a more period friendly diet. Period Diet would require you to consume more juices, fresh fruits and vegetables. Green Tea is scientifically proven to reduce periods cramps and pain. Make sure you keep away from processed food, junk food and coffee.

  • Wear the right clothes

    When you are on your periods, it is important that you switch to more comfortable clothing. You need to switch to under wears that are easier on the waist, yet fit well. Your breast also tends to get a bit swollen during periods, so avoid wearing underwire bra and try to stick to more comfortable sports bras.

  • Yoga

    yoga in periods

    Whether you are a fan of Yoga or no. It is important that you start practicing Yoga, especially during your periods. Trust me, Ladies. Yoga work wonders during periods. There are special yoga exercises that help ease periods cramps, pain and uneasiness that help you deal with periods in a better manner.

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