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5 sure shot ways of getting noticed by your crush


Every once in a while, you stumble upon someone that gets your heart beat racing. No points for guessing, this special someone is called “CRUSH.” While you could stare at your crush all day without blinking an eye, you would also want your crush to notice you. No! That is not an impossible task, but a possible one indeed. So, we are here to let you in on the sure shot ways in which your crush will notice you.

  • Act Normal

    Your Crush can tend to intimidate you easily and therefore it is important that you stand your ground. Make sure you act normal. You wouldn’t want to scare your crush out by going all gaga over your crush.

  • Make a Move

    If you want your crush to notice you. You need to make the first move. Find a reason to get in touch with your crush, maybe a mutual friend or any other reason. Find a link that connects the two of you and then use that link as a bridge to get to your crush.

  • Dress Sharp

    A person who is dressed sharply always grabs people’s attention. Make sure you dress sharp at all times. Staying well-groomed is equally important.

  • Be yourself and Love yourself not your crush

    Love yourself not your crush
    Love yourself

    Pretending to be someone that you are not is not going to please your crush. At some point or the other, your true personality will surface and that is not going to talk things anywhere. Remember, you need to fall in love with yourself first before you can expect anything from your crush.

  • Be a good listener

    Being a good listener can take you a long way. Make sure you always listen to what your crush has to say. This will help you know your crush better, plus being a good listener is always a turn on.

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