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Monsoon skin care tips you must know

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Monsoon has arrived, we have our umbrellas and rainy shoes out. That’s all you need to be prepared for the monsoon, right? Well, wrong. What about your skin? Just like how you had your summer skin care regime that included high SPF lotions, monsoon also demands a certain skin care regime. It is also important to understand that as the weather changes; the skin care regime also changes. Monsoon skin care tips are important to ensure that your skin does not go for a toss due to this weather.

Here are a few monsoon skin care regimes that you need to keep in mind.

  • Take care of your Feet

    Take Care
    Take care of your feet

    Most people tend to ignore their feet the most, especially during rains. This is one of the gravest mistakes you can commit. With all the muddy water running through your legs, it is important that you keep your feet as clean as possible to avoid germ build up and infections.

    Make sure you wash your feet every night before going to bed. It is also important to ensure that your toenails are cut. You can also go for a pedicure once a month to ensure that your feet stay clean. Also make sure you moisturize your feet well, as they can get dry easily due to the excessive moisture in the air.

  • Moisturize for bette Skin Care

    Take Care with Moisturization

    Moisturization is extremely important for your skin, especially during rainy season. Rains come with a lot of moisture, which can easily dry your skin. When your skin comes in contact with water, your body tends to lose its moisture. Make sure you use a sunscreen with high SPF and keep reapplying it or you can also opt for a water resistant sunscreen. Before going to bed, load your body with a good hydrating lotion.

  • Exfoliation

    Exfoliation in monsoon

    Exfoliation is the key to improve skin texture. Rainy season can cause a lot of dead skin build up, which is why, make sure you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This will help fight bacteria and promote healthy and glowing skin. You can either exfoliate twice a week, or exfoliate daily using a mild exfoliator.

  • Wax it off

    Wax it off in monsoon
    Wax it off

    Waxing is extremely important, especially in the case of hygiene. If things aren’t messy enough, body hair is just going to make things all the more worse. Make sure you get rid of all your body hair, especially the parts that are going to be exposed to the rains.

  • Good hair day

    Good hair day
    Good hair day in monsoon

    The monsoon can make your hair look all frizzy. Make sure you wash your hair every alternate day and use a good hair serum. Watch the products that you use carefully, you wouldn’t want your hair products to be all over your face if you happen to get wet in the day. Also, if you have long hair make sure you tie it up in a nice bun.

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