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How can night owls kick start their day


Every second person is a night owl, you love to sleep, but hate to go to bed early as a result you end up facing morning blues. If you want to have a productive morning without morning blues then here are a few tips you need to know

  • Meditate
    Meditating is a great way of kick starting your day. Meditation increases the oxygen level in the brain, which helps drive away any blues that you are feeling. After waking up, sit for a while and meditate for at least 5 minutes. You can witness a huge change in your routine by doing this.
  • Have a Scrumptious Breakfast
    When you sleep, your body is said to be in a fasting mode and having a meal is said to break the fast therefore the first meal of the day is known as breakfast and skipping your breakfast for a few extra minutes of sleep or for whatever reason is one of the worst things that you can do.

    Having a healthy breakfast can help you kick start your day as it fuels your body with energy that helps you go about your day easily.

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  • Stretch
    Since your body doesn’t experience too much movement while you sleep, the muscles tend to get stiff which is why at times you experience muscle stiffness and muscle tension. Stretching helps you flex those muscles and helps in improving blood circulation and movement. It also helps in improving range of motion, thereby helping you get the mood for the day.
  • Wake up Early
    As difficult as it sounds, it is important to wake up early. Hitting the snooze button might make you feel better, but will make waking up all the more difficult. On the other hand, waking up early morning helps you have a more productive day. It also helps you fall asleep more easily in the night.

    Initially, this might seem like a task, but once you put this into practice you will notice that there is nothing like it.

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  • Let liquid elixirs save the day
    If you are looking for an instant way to beat the blues, then consuming liquid elixirs will be of great help. Consuming elixirs like coffee and tea, especially green tea can work wonders as it increases alertness in the brain which helps you feel better. Also, consume a glass of warm water with honey before having a meal will act as a detoxing agent and help you feel better.