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Here’s everything you need to know about weight management


Weight management is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Having the right weight keeps you immune from various diseases. The right weight can only be achieved with regular exercise followed by healthy diet.

The Benefits of maintaining the right weight or a normal weight is extremely beneficial and I can go on and on about its benefits. It not only increases the quality of life but also increases the quantity of life. It is a sign of a healthy lifestyle, a better immune system and you stay bay from various diseases that could be harmful. Long story short Weight management is something we all need to follow in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Now how can one know what is the right weight for them?

Body mass index (BMI) helps you in determining what your perfect weight should be.  BMI can help you determine which category you fall in. There 4 categories Underweight, normal, overweight and obese.

  •  Underweight
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    If you fall in the underweight category, then you need to buckle up my friend. Being underweight is not good as it indicates a poor immune system.  Some people are naturally underweight, while some face an eating disorder.  You need to eat more in order to reach the normal category. One needs to consult a nutritionist in this case.

  • Normal
    Normal Weight
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    If you fall in the normal category take a bow because that is the place you should be. This means that you have the right weight and you need to maintain it. Follow a proper diet along with regular exercise in order to maintain your normal weight.

  • Overweight
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    If you fall into this category, it means that you need to cut down on your eating habits and need to religiously follow a work out regime. Being overweight takes you to your grave faster as it makes you more prone to hell lot of diseases. It affects you physically and mentally as well. It makes you feel lazy and also reduces the productivity of your brain. One must consult a dietitian and fitness expert in this case.

  • Obese
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    Obesity is a sign that you have the unhealthiest lifestyle. If being overweight wasn’t bad enough, being obese is a zillion times worse.

There is an endless list of hazards one tends to face if they are obese.  It is a high time you take a stand and say goodbye to obesity. Consult a dietitian and fitness expert in this case.

The BMI calculator is easily available on google. You just need to enter your current weight and height which helps you know which category you fall in.

Weight management tips that we all need to follow

The weight management tips will vary from person to person depending up on the category they fall in. But few tips must be followed by all

  1. Eat healthy
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    It is extremely essential to eat healthy. You weight management will be pointless if you are not following a proper diet. It is also important to follow your eating schedule by eating at the right time and eating in the right quantity.

  2. Exercise
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    Exercising is extremely essential. It is a myth that exercise is only meant for overweight or obese people. Regular exercising is something that everyone needs to follow in order to stay fit. But obviously the exercise will also vary depending upon the goal you want to achieve. An underweight person should not follow the exercise of an obese person.

  3. Good bye bad habits
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    It is important to say goodbye to bad habits if you need to have a good healthy lifestyle. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, consumption of unhealthy and junk food should be avoided.